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The following are three articles with lesson plans for English Language Learners on the importance of being bilingual. From Breaking News English.

Half of Europe’s Citizens are Bilingual

Can Learning Another Language Keep Your Brain Healthier?

Being Bilingual Boosts Brain Power

mephisto-luchalibreHERE is Larry Ferlazzo’s recent New York Times article where he explains how to incorporate the Mexican wrestling phenomenon of Lucha Libre in a speaking, writing, and reading activity for English Language Learners. A video, slide show, and quiz is included.


Research Supports Global Curriculum`

Language immersion, global competence, and vibrant professional learning communities enhance student learning at Seattle’s John Stanford International School.

Very cute


Do you assume that every animal sound is the same in each language? Never assume anything…

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The World of ELLs

How can teachers use media sharing sites in the classroom??

Here’s a “Quick List” of ideas!

Use media sharing sites for…

  • Virtual tours of different towns, states, countries, and important sites around the world
  • A “What is it?” game with students guessing uses for an uncommon object
  • Autobiographies
  • Geography studies
  • Visual representations of novels, stories, and picture books
  • Evidence to support an argument using visual data or primary sources
  • Debates on a topic or essential question

Ideas by Grade Level Clusters

  • K-5: take digital photos of school and create a virtual tour for new students; upload photos to VoiceThread and post spoken or video comments about events, classes, and celebrations
  • 6-8: use Flickr as a multimedia reflective journal by creating a visual interpretation of poetry or young adult literature being read in class; upload photos to correspond with literature
  • 9-12: Upload images of places in the world being students as…

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The World of ELLs

How can teachers use social-networking sites in the classroom??

Here’s a “Quick List” of ideas!

Use social-networking sites for…

  • School club or class pages
  • Creating pages for someone famous in your discipline (e.g. a scientist, a sports figure, or a literary character)
  • Setting up an events page and inviting people to attend (e.g. have a look at the “Perseids Meteor Shower” on Facebook)
  • Fundraising for a service project or charity
  • Debating themes in literature, science, history, and so forth
  • Sharing videos, music, and other information with students or fellow teachers
  • Connecting to other classes around a common topic or theme

Ideas by Grade Level Clusters

  • K-5: brainstorm what a character’s Facebook page would look like, design a page as a class that reflects the character’s personality, Twitter – compare and contrast typical school day after connecting with a class in a different country
  • 6-8: visit “cause” pages to learn about a…

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The World of ELLs

How can teachers use social bookmarking sites in the classroom??

Here’s a “Quick List” of ideas!

Use social bookmarking sites for…

  • Team research projects
  • Webquests
  • Taking notes directly on a Web page
  • Annotating text
  • Asking questions regarding confusing information
  • Collecting research data
  • Collaborating on group projects
  • Finding new information via social networks

Ideas by Grade Level Clusters

  • K-5: collect class web sites and to share them with caregivers at home.  Students access to research, homework, and group projects
  • 6-8: group projects, keeping track of favorite sites, collaborative work, comment and critique each other’s collections
  • 9-12: write reviews and summaries, post questions or summaries

(From: Empower English Language Learners With Tools Form the Web, by Lori Langer de Ramirez)

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The World of ELLs

How can teachers use virtual worlds in the classroom?

Here’s a “Quick List” of ideas!

Use virtual worlds for…

  • Sharing autobiographical information via avatars
  • Oral practice with virtual partners
  • Pronunciation practice
  • “Fantasy trips” to other countries
  • Interpersonal communication practice
  • Nonverbal communication practice (via avatar gestures)

Ideas by Grade Level Clusters

  • K-5: sign on to Panwapa and create avatar – great connection to vocabulary of physical description and clothing
  • 6-8: starting at age 13, students can use Teen Second Life; can create avatar and talk with another resident about simple, everyday topics; take a screen shot of the interaction and report back to class about conversation; read news articles about online virtual worlds and set up a debate
  • 9-12: in Teen Second Life, set up conferences and presentations for other residents in world; 18+ can graduate to adult version and visit English Learning World, university areas, and other areas

(From: Empower English…

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Experts Reveal Favorite Methods for Learning Vocabulary



note: we now have 38 experts sharing their opinion on learning vocabulary.

Aaahhhh, learning vocabulary!

It must be the sexiest element of learning a language.

And perhaps the most controversial.

It’s not for nothing that polyglots call it the
Kim Kardashian of the language-learning community.

(Actually, I made that up. ;-) )

To add fuel to the discussion, and most importantly, to bring you fantastically useful advice on learning vocabulary in your target language, I asked a bunch of experts, authors, translators and bloggers the following question:

If there was one method for learning vocabulary that you’d recommend to the world, which one would it be?

The response was nothing short of overwhelming.

Almost 40 replies flooded my inbox — creating a bomb of extremely balanced advice and giving you the opportunity to judge for yourself how to best go about learning more words in your target language.

The number of hours I put in to create this resource for you is near the number of replies but it was worth every second of it. There are really some golden nuggets down the page!

So, without further ado, let’s get comfortable and dive in!

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