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Jason did it again! Rap and learn English:

NOW with the LYRICS INCLUDED BELOW! Follow Fluency MC:!/FluencyMC

All music and lyrics copyright 2011, Jason R. Levine and ColloLearn, llc

Say “Happy Halloween!”
Again! Happy Halloween!
Trick or Treat!
Give me something good to eat!
Halloween is coming. What are you going to do?
Dress up as a ghost and say, “Boo!”?
Halloween is coming. What are you going to be?
A pirate? A princess? A bumblebee?
Halloween is coming. What are you going to wear?
A scary mask? Long blond hair?
Halloween is coming. Where are you going to go?
To a haunted house? A horror movie show?

What are you going to do on Halloween night?
Carve a pumpkin? Howl at the moonlight?
Will you gobble down goodies until you’re feeling sick,
or ride through the sky on a broomstick?
What are you going to…

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“Lyrics Videos” On YouTube & English Language Learners

An article in today’s New York Times titled On YouTube, ‘Lyrics Videos’ Mark a New Genre highlights an excellent resource for English Language Learners and their teachers — creative music videos that emphasize displaying the lyrics as they are sung.




This is a really cool tool for presnetation and video makers

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