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How can teachers use blogs in the classroom??

Here’s a “Quick List” of ideas!

Use blogs for…

  • Class debates
  • Poetry collections
  • Creative writing
  • Novel or story reviews
  • Commenting on essential questions
  • Responding to photos of art, historical figures, and audio files of music or speeches
  • A detective or suspense short story in installments (different blog posts build on the story over time)
  • Group discussions about summer reading
  • Writing journals or diaries

Ideas by Grade Level Clusters

  • K-5: provide students with less-open-ended prompt or create class blog
  • 6-8: let students be in charge of something, teach how to do a video or music piece entry
  • 9-12: write more in depth responses, read classmates entries, respond to others

(From: Empower English Language Learners With Tools Form the Web, by Lori Langer de Ramirez)

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Very cool tool to write stories!!! Link here

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