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If you’re looking for something to read this winter by a woman author, something that’ll engross you, take you to new worlds and introduce you to characters you’ll never forget, I have some suggestions. These books are among my all-time favorites — to be included, they had to be on my list of favorites for at least a decade.

HERE is the link.

The following are three articles with lesson plans for English Language Learners on the importance of being bilingual. From Breaking News English.

Half of Europe’s Citizens are Bilingual

Can Learning Another Language Keep Your Brain Healthier?

Being Bilingual Boosts Brain Power

mephisto-luchalibreHERE is Larry Ferlazzo’s recent New York Times article where he explains how to incorporate the Mexican wrestling phenomenon of Lucha Libre in a speaking, writing, and reading activity for English Language Learners. A video, slide show, and quiz is included.

Achieve the Core–Resources

Math and literacy resources to achieve the common core curriculum.

“We invite educators and people curious about the Common Core State Standards to explore what the site has to offer, including hundreds of math and literacy resources for teachers, resources for leaders who are putting college and career readiness standards into action in their own schools, and opportunities to become an advocate for the Common Core.” –AchievetheCore

Louisville, Kentucky: Come to Family Literacy Day at Flame Run this Friday!! Flame Run Gallery’s glass art inspired by favorite books!

Click on the link to check out the video.

National Family Literacy Day

Family Fun Night

November 1

6-9 PM

815 W. Market Street

Grades 6-8, ELA, ELL

Watch video HERE.


Work in groups to analyze speeches and share expertise

Video Length

11 min

Questions to Consider

  • How does Ms. Langlois use both homogenous and heterogeneous groups?
  • Dr. Walqui talks about the importance of scaffolding quality interactions among students. What are some examples of quality interactions from Ms. Langlois’ class?

Grades 6-8, ELA, ELL

CCSS: ELA.RI.7.2 ELA.RI.7.4 ELA.RI.8.2
Watch video HERE.


Prepare learners by building background knowledge

Video Length

7 min

Questions to Consider

  • Ms. Park-Friend frames the reading by using focus questions. Why is this important for ELLs?
  • Students are interacting with the text in a variety of ways. How do all of these interactions support students to write their own persuasive speeches?

Grades 6-8, ELA, ELL

CCSS: ELA.SL.7.1c ELA.SL.8.1c
Watch video HERE.


Analyze structural, organizational, grammatical, and lexical choices

Video Length

6 min

Questions to Consider

  • This lesson asks students to utilize various forms of “communicative functions” through the three-step interview. Why is this important for ELLs?
  • How does the structure of this task ensure that all students are engaged in the work?
  • How did Ms. Park-Friend activate her students’ prior knowledge?

Grades 6-8, ELA, ELL

For a fantastic overview of this unit and the ways texts are being integrated for English Language Learners, watch this video HERE.

Grades 6-8, ELA, ELL


An insightful lesson about analyzing texts and building background knowledge for ELLs. Watch video HERE.

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