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Shake a Phrase

Learn-as-you-laugh language and vocabulary app for ages 8+

Shake your iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows 8 device to create a new silly sentence every time. Tap on the words to see the definitions. Perfect for learning in the classroom or on the go, this lightweight educational app features over 2000 words and definitions in 5 colorful and engaging themes – Animals, Fairytale, Monsters, Sports and Starter!



App of the week: Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island HD


  • Experience how changes around your island result in an increase in pollution
  • Fix or mitigate environmental challenges
  • Learn through multiple ways:  Create, experience, fix, see, hear (dialog & songs), and read (Clairvision Deeper Dive fully supported by audio); how changes outside your island still impact you as neighboring islands, Folksville and Smokey Island, evolve and change over 18 game levels; make real world connections: E.g., Oil Spill off Green Island – Exxon Valdez; Sign the 3 Island Protocol to stop using ozone products – Montreal Protocol



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