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Multi-lingual Indian children learn English faster, finds study

The competence and confidence in Indian languages strongly influences the ability of children to learn and read in English, according to a study of primary children in India which was conducted by the British Council and Pratham, a charity organisation.

The following are three articles with lesson plans for English Language Learners on the importance of being bilingual. From Breaking News English.

Half of Europe’s Citizens are Bilingual

Can Learning Another Language Keep Your Brain Healthier?

Being Bilingual Boosts Brain Power

10 Things NOT to Say to Parents of Bilingual Children

“As a Polish mother in the Netherlands with multilingual children growing up with Polish, German and Dutch, I often hear uninformed and judgmental comments. Inspired by Babble’s ‘What not to say…’ series, I wrote my own list about what you should never (and I mean NEVER) say to parents of multilingual children.”

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