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Do French Moms Raise Better-Behaved Kids?

“As an American expat in Paris, Pamela Druckerman had a lot of adjusting to do. Kids the same age as her toddler daughter could sit still in restaurants without crayons, electronic devices and chicken nuggets. Parents reported their newborns slept through the night. And the mothers all seemed so calm and well groomed.”


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figsLunch in Provence, France

From France Today

“As the book Lunch in Provence so clearly conveys, the ritual experience is all about friends, fresh ingredients, sun, sky, and moments that build memories. It’s not much about dining alone, though I could actually imagine a tranquil solitary lunch at a café, or a picnic savoured on the top of a mountain after a long morning’s hike. The meal need not be grand but the experience can surely be. All the possibilities are there: the freshest of fish and shellfish from the Mediterranean, fruit and vegetables from nearby farms and markets; wines from vineyards that hug the Rhône River valley; breads made from locally grown and ground épeautre (poorman’s-wheat), which grows so happily in the hills outside Nyons; lamb that grazes on the sides of Mont Ventoux. Add to this recipe friends, sunshine, the great outdoors, and you have a good chance of creating an unforgettable experience.”

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