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BOO! Why Americans are Spooked to Spend on Halloween 2013



Jason did it again! Rap and learn English:

NOW with the LYRICS INCLUDED BELOW! Follow Fluency MC:!/FluencyMC

All music and lyrics copyright 2011, Jason R. Levine and ColloLearn, llc

Say “Happy Halloween!”
Again! Happy Halloween!
Trick or Treat!
Give me something good to eat!
Halloween is coming. What are you going to do?
Dress up as a ghost and say, “Boo!”?
Halloween is coming. What are you going to be?
A pirate? A princess? A bumblebee?
Halloween is coming. What are you going to wear?
A scary mask? Long blond hair?
Halloween is coming. Where are you going to go?
To a haunted house? A horror movie show?

What are you going to do on Halloween night?
Carve a pumpkin? Howl at the moonlight?
Will you gobble down goodies until you’re feeling sick,
or ride through the sky on a broomstick?
What are you going to…

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Spooky Science Ideas

By Deva Dalporto (WeAreTeachers)

With all of its creepy, spooky elements, Halloween is a great time for some mad science! Here are four freakily fabulous science experiments that will chill and thrill your students:

DIY Creepy Lava Lamp: Teach your students about polar molecules with this great, ghoulish activity. It’s easy and has a big “wow” factor. Fill a jar one quarter the way full with water and top off with vegetable oil.  Next, squirt in some food coloring and drop in an Alka-Seltzer tablet to form citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. Then, watch the carbon dioxide bubbles carry the creepy blood red bubbles to the top! Read the full directions!

Black Dry Ice Bubbles: Halloween is a great time to bust out the dry ice and teach your students about the properties of carbon dioxide. Fill a dish with bubble solution (or dish soap and water), add a few drops of black food coloring, and pop in a piece of dry ice. The water in the bubble solution will melt the dry ice, forming gaseous carbon dioxide that the soap will trap it into bubbles. Boo!

Slime Time: Get your hands dirty and give your students a lesson in polymers with this icky, sticky experiment. Have them mix together borax, craft glue, food coloring and water to create some spooky slime! Read the full directions!

Ghost Dance: Give your students a lesson in static electricity with this spooky ghost experiment. Have the children cut little ghosts out of tissue paper. Then give them each a balloon to inflate. Have each student rub his or her inflated balloon on his or her head to create static electricity, then hold the balloon over the ghost and watch it eerily rise!

The 25 Most Suspenseful Movies Ever Made

Some of these movies are not appropriate for classroom use, yet Flavorwire came out with the 25 Most Suspenseful Movies Ever Made. I thought it was worth sharing since Halloween is coming up. Some of these are sure to start a conversation or two!

Halloween: Hidden Spirits Game

From The History Channel online



Halloween Resources

Here are some Halloween Resources for ELLs. Great to incorporate into a unit and build vocabulary and cultural knowledge about fall festivals in the United States.