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The following are three articles with lesson plans for English Language Learners on the importance of being bilingual. From Breaking News English.

Half of Europe’s Citizens are Bilingual

Can Learning Another Language Keep Your Brain Healthier?

Being Bilingual Boosts Brain Power

Experts Reveal Favorite Methods for Learning Vocabulary



note: we now have 38 experts sharing their opinion on learning vocabulary.

Aaahhhh, learning vocabulary!

It must be the sexiest element of learning a language.

And perhaps the most controversial.

It’s not for nothing that polyglots call it the
Kim Kardashian of the language-learning community.

(Actually, I made that up. ;-) )

To add fuel to the discussion, and most importantly, to bring you fantastically useful advice on learning vocabulary in your target language, I asked a bunch of experts, authors, translators and bloggers the following question:

If there was one method for learning vocabulary that you’d recommend to the world, which one would it be?

The response was nothing short of overwhelming.

Almost 40 replies flooded my inbox — creating a bomb of extremely balanced advice and giving you the opportunity to judge for yourself how to best go about learning more words in your target language.

The number of hours I put in to create this resource for you is near the number of replies but it was worth every second of it. There are really some golden nuggets down the page!

So, without further ado, let’s get comfortable and dive in!



Excerpt of this report of a very interesting study:
The brain has a critical window for language development between the ages of two and four, brain scans suggest.

Environmental influences have their biggest impact before the age of four, as the brain’s wiring develops to process new words, say UK and US scientists.

The research in The Journal of Neuroscience suggests disorders causing language delay should be tackled early.

It also explains why young children are good at learning two languages

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From: Andew Weiler
Interesting facts….

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Educational Opportunity: Beyond the Language Series 2013 “Addressing the Core of the Common Core: Supporting Social and Academic Language Development Across the Ages”

Sender: Luisa Costa <
Dates: Friday, November 1, 2013 – Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Common Core places a strong emphasis on the development of both social and academic language. The Language Series is intended to support educators in the successful implementation of these Common Core State Standards. Come and learn from the experts in the language field! A panel of leaders and researchers, a keynote presentation, as well as workshops with experienced practitioners will inspire and engage you through hands-on activities and specific examples. As a participant you will take away concrete ideas for immediate implementation in your settings.

Karen Nemeth, keynote, a panel of researchers and practitioners, and interactive workshops with Estee Lopez on ELLs and the Common Core, Betsy Blachly on Singing and…

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In this video, Steven Pinker Discusses the Effects of Overt and Discreet Communication. What do our language habits reveal about us?

The things we say AND the things we DON’T say determine our relationship with other individuals.

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