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Experts Reveal Favorite Methods for Learning Vocabulary



note: we now have 38 experts sharing their opinion on learning vocabulary.

Aaahhhh, learning vocabulary!

It must be the sexiest element of learning a language.

And perhaps the most controversial.

It’s not for nothing that polyglots call it the
Kim Kardashian of the language-learning community.

(Actually, I made that up. ;-) )

To add fuel to the discussion, and most importantly, to bring you fantastically useful advice on learning vocabulary in your target language, I asked a bunch of experts, authors, translators and bloggers the following question:

If there was one method for learning vocabulary that you’d recommend to the world, which one would it be?

The response was nothing short of overwhelming.

Almost 40 replies flooded my inbox — creating a bomb of extremely balanced advice and giving you the opportunity to judge for yourself how to best go about learning more words in your target language.

The number of hours I put in to create this resource for you is near the number of replies but it was worth every second of it. There are really some golden nuggets down the page!

So, without further ado, let’s get comfortable and dive in!


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Another case for meaningful, functional education!


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