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Old School or New School, Keep Parents Involved

“We all know how crucial it is that our parents are supportive and involved in their child’s education. We understand how important it is that they are aware of what is taking place in your classroom. The more supportive and involved parents are in their child’s education, the greater the odds that their child will be successful.”


10 Things NOT to Say to Parents of Bilingual Children

“As a Polish mother in the Netherlands with multilingual children growing up with Polish, German and Dutch, I often hear uninformed and judgmental comments. Inspired by Babble’s ‘What not to say…’ series, I wrote my own list about what you should never (and I mean NEVER) say to parents of multilingual children.”

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Reaching out to the children’s homes?  link

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5 Apps for Connecting With Parents

Learn how Skype, Twitter, Volunteer Spot, Pinterest, Edublog,  can help you to strengthen the school/home connection.

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