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Biology Teaching and Learning Resources


Biology Teaching and Learning Resources, a companion website for D. G. Mackean’s biology textbooks, supports the teaching of basic concepts and principles in high school biology.

PowerPoint Presentations introduce basic concepts of biology and genetics. All presentations include multiple-choice questions. The presentation on Manipulating Genes (power point icon PPT, 3.3 MB, 44 slides) covers crossbreeding, genetic engineering, cloning, and stem cells. It ends with a ten-question self-correcting quiz.

Experiments comprises 118 activities in food, enzymes, respiration, photosynthesis, diffusion, osmosis, human senses, transport in plants, and germination and tropisms. Bulk downloads of each group of experiments are available.

The Question Bank covers principles of biology, flowering plants, human physiology, genetics and heredity, organisms and their environment, living organisms, and disease transmission and control. Answers are provided for every question set. More demanding exercises are found under Exercises and Discussions and Interactive Questions.

Separate sections for amphibians, birds, fish, fungi, insects, plants, protists, teeth and dentition supply teaching notes, articles, and drawings. Birds: Structure and Function has labeled drawings of external and internal features. An index for articles and drawings facilitates searching.

A select collection of Videos provides a closer look at birds, insects, plants, and protists. Two brief clips reveal bird flight in slow motion.

Links connects teachers and students to additional print and video resources.

Health Care Law: Best Online Resources for Learning About Health Care Reform

Click on the photo for more resources.

stop-bullying-460-blog5 Ways to Stop Bullying and Move into Action

From Edutopia:

“With the release of the film Bully and daily news reports about the devastating impact on students who have been relentlessly bullied, teachers find themselves on the front line in addressing bullying. It is time to move into action. Not In Our School offers solutions-based strategies and tools for change to a network of schools that are working to create safe, inclusive and accepting climates” Read more by clicking on the link.

Resources and Downloads for Differentiated Instruction

Educators from Mesquite Elementary School, in Tucson, Arizona, have provided these resources for you to use in your own school.

The Best Resources for Learning About Human Trafficking Today

From Larry Ferlazzo’s blog

Great videos, images, and websites to discuss human trafficking in the classroom.

Web Resources for Teaching ESL/EFL/ELL

From the web: Great resources for teaching English

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Resources for Connected Educator Month 2013

A guide to websites, events, and other resources for Connected Educator Month.

“Edutopia is one of more than 180 organizations, companies, and communities participating in the second annual Connected Educator Month (CEM), an initiative of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Education Technology celebrating online communities of practice. Whether you have a well-developed professional learning network (PLN) or are just getting started, October promises to deliver a collection of rich opportunities for informal professional development. The resources below will help you dive in.”

Lesson Plans and Resources for Arts Integration

Dance in science, pop art in Spanish, or photography in math — there’s no end to the ways arts can be integrated into other curricula. Educators from Bates Middle School, in Annapolis, Maryland, share arts-integrated lessons and resources that you can use in your school. Read more from Edutopia…

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