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How can teachers use online videos in the classroom??

Here’s a “Quick List” of ideas!

Use online videos for…

  • Documenting and filming students classroom presentations
  • Movie or TV-show parodies
  • Screencasts (a move of changes that occur on a computer monitor, often used for training and educational purposes)
  • PhotoStory movies
  • Film and book reviews
  • Acting out plays or literature
  • Cooking shows
  • Science demonstrations
  • Music videos

Ideas by Grade Level Clusters

  • K-5: have elementary student’s interview family members or people in school, create a class video, create a video response to a book
  • 6-8: design and film public service announcements about issues in their school or community, create skits, write, design, edit, and film a video tour for newcomers to their school, etc.
  • 9-12: videos for any class, re-create historical events, record or photograph lab experiments, write autobiographies, share narratives, etc.

(From: Empower English Language Learners With Tools Form the Web, by Lori…

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