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TESOL PreK-12 Standards

What is TESOL?

TESOL, or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is a professional organization that promotes expertise in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages worldwide.

What are the TESOL PreK-12 Standards?

TESOL Standards were designed to be used in conjunction with content-specific standards for students who are still developing English proficiency. These standards articulate the English language development needs of ELLs, provide direction on how to meet the needs of these students, and highlight the central role of language in the attainment of content standards. ESL standards address 3 broad goals:

  • To use English to communicate in social settings
  • To use English to achieve academically in all content areas
  • To use English in socially and culturally appropriate ways

Most states and districts also developed specific standards for ELLs as a complement to state content standards in the core subject areas of English language arts, mathematics, and science.

The TESOL Standards set up a framework that includes both social and academic language that students must use in and out of the classroom. There are five standards that focus on communication in various core subject areas; these standards are organized by grade cluster. They are also divided into four language domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Last, there are five levels of language development that reflect language performance at each stage. The TESOL Standards set goals that help guide students from all backgrounds on their quest for academic success.

TESOL official website

TESOL PreK-12 Standards

Become a TESOL member

TESOL Bookstore

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