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How to stop students from f***ing swearing in your class

“When your brain fertilizer fails to rid of the weeds in your neurons, you swear them out. The more you swear, the more weeds you must have in your brain.”

–Phil Jones, Professor


Addressing Swearing in the Classroom

What should you do when you hear your young students swearing in the classroom? Read on to learn the ABC’s of cursing.

What Are Language Objectives and How Can They Help ELLs??

In this article from, Jennifer Himmel (2012) describes:

  • what a language objective is
  • steps that teachers can take to create language objectives
  • how to implement language objectives in a general education classroom
  • how to align objectives to content and language standards
  • ideas and resources on how to support teachers as they become familiar with this practice.

Pre-production and the Silent Period

If your new English language learner is not speaking, don’t worry. Most newcomers go through a stage during which they do not produce language. This doesn’t mean they are not learning.

Explaining BICS and CALP

Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) versus Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP)

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