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TESOL Technology Standards

What are the TESOL Technology Standards?

The TESOL Technology Standards not only create effective, but also equitable, education for ELLs. The standards were written by hundreds of ESL teachers, researchers, administrators, and language specialists through a collaborative process and they attempt to set nationwide expectations on the successful development of our English Language Learners. The standards show indicators of success at various levels of proficiency while including social and academic uses of the languate students must acquire to succeed in the classroom and in a real world setting.

How can the TESOL Technology Standards aid all educators in lesson planning?

The TESOL Technology Standards are a guide to aid educators in employing technology in a meaningful way to foster student learning. In the case of the ELL, this means language acquisition for success in the mainstream classroom. As the WIDA and TESOL Standards assist educators in understanding student development and designing lessons that promote competence, the TESOL Technology Standards create a guideline for technology use in the classroom to nurture this process while enhancing academic rigor and higher-order thinking.

TESOL Technology Standards

TESOL Tech Standards

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