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The Complete History of Coffee Making

This is a complete guide to making coffee around the world. How much is consumed, where it’s consumed the most and the history of brewing and harvesting methods over time.


From Real Life English


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101-Objects-Banner-970101 Objects that Made America

“We Americans have yet to really learn our antecedents,” Walt Whitman said, “and sort them, to unify them. They will be found ampler than is supposed, and in widely different sources.”

This month, Smithsonian released the 101 objects that shaped American culture. There will also be a four-part series released beginning November 25 called Seriously Amazing Objects on the Smithsonian Channel.



Regional accents are a major part of what makes American English so interesting as a dialect.

Joshua Katz, a Ph. D student in statistics at North Carolina State University, just published a group of awesome visualizations of Professor Bert Vaux and Scott Golder’s linguistic survey that looked at how Americans pronounce words. (via detsl on /r/Linguistics)

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Where does all your food come from?? Find out with “Map Your Recipe”

Website for Map Your Recipe

From the website Map Your Recipe:

Map your Recipe does a simple thing: enter the ingredients of a recipe and it will show you where the vegetables that went into it were first domesticated.

Map your Recipe shows that we are firmly after the Columbian Exchange and that no national cuisine relies only on ‘truly’ local ingredients. But with interesting local patterns of usage and borrowing.

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Amazing American Civil War Photos Turned Into Glorious Color Read more:

Beautiful, haunting, and a great resource for teachers.

“Color photography may not have been widely used until the 1930s but that hasn’t stopped an active group of Redditors from looking to change the past. On the Colorized History Subreddit, Redditors use photo manipulation to add color to historical black and white images.”

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