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Games and Interactives from the Monterey Bay Aquarium


The Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) has Games and Interactives for K-12 students.

Some like the collection of six Habitat Posters are suitable for all ages. Download 3-page PDFs of kelp forest, rocky shore, sandy beach, coastal wetlands, deep sea, and coral reef and display them in the classroom. Each color poster comes with an “I Spy” activity and identification key. Students who live in the area can bring the keys when they visit the exhibits. In addition, the MBA includes a teacher guide (PDF icon PDF, 160 KB, 20 pgs.), which includes sample questions and other suggestions for classroom activities based on the posters.

Animals Fact Cards and Games is for students in grades PreK-5. Cards come with images and biological and ecological facts. Students can color critter cards and play Concentration, “Go Fish,” Guess Who, or make a Critter Card Field Guide.

Hide a Ray is an animal camouflage activity for students in grades PreK-4. Students color rays to look like different surfaces and then tape them in place and let other students try to find them.

Shark School of Art is for students in grades 3-12 to learn to draw sharks and create cartoons and comics.

Make an Aquascope to Explore Tide Pool Life is for K-12 and older. Use a coffee can and plastic wrap to make a viewer suitable for tide pools, streams, or ponds. Watch animals in their natural habitat.


The Best Online Geography Games

Click on the photo to be redirected to the website.


English Flash Games for Vocabulary Learning

Go to the website and find the following links:


Action Verbs Game
Animals Memory Game
Christmas Game
Clothes Game
Colours Game
Face Maker
Family Game
Food Game
Halloween Game
Numbers Game
Prepositions of Place Game
Scrambled Words


Action Verbs
Animals Vocabulary
Christmas Vocabulary
Clothes Vocabulary
Colours Vocabulary
Family Vocabulary
Food and Drink Vocabulary
Fruit and Vegetables Vocabulary
Halloween Vocabulary
Parts of the Face

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