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Lets goTen of the Best Virtual Field Trips


mephisto-luchalibreHERE is Larry Ferlazzo’s recent New York Times article where he explains how to incorporate the Mexican wrestling phenomenon of Lucha Libre in a speaking, writing, and reading activity for English Language Learners. A video, slide show, and quiz is included.

figsLunch in Provence, France

From France Today

“As the book Lunch in Provence so clearly conveys, the ritual experience is all about friends, fresh ingredients, sun, sky, and moments that build memories. It’s not much about dining alone, though I could actually imagine a tranquil solitary lunch at a café, or a picnic savoured on the top of a mountain after a long morning’s hike. The meal need not be grand but the experience can surely be. All the possibilities are there: the freshest of fish and shellfish from the Mediterranean, fruit and vegetables from nearby farms and markets; wines from vineyards that hug the Rhône River valley; breads made from locally grown and ground épeautre (poorman’s-wheat), which grows so happily in the hills outside Nyons; lamb that grazes on the sides of Mont Ventoux. Add to this recipe friends, sunshine, the great outdoors, and you have a good chance of creating an unforgettable experience.”

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Want to be a “boulanger(ère)”??

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“Thierry Marx, the king of molecular gastronomy and judge on Top Chef France, has opened an école de boulangerie in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. What’s so extraordinary about this baking school is its mission: to train the unemployed and unskilled in a solid métier, thereby providing an opportunity for aspiring bakers to open up their own businesses. Traditionally, the professional formation is quite intensive and inaccessible for those without the means, so it’s remarkable that Marx’s school is free.”

The Complete History of Coffee Making

This is a complete guide to making coffee around the world. How much is consumed, where it’s consumed the most and the history of brewing and harvesting methods over time.

A brief introduction to Chinese digital landscape and the major players within it. Brought to you by The China Digital Conference.