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mephisto-luchalibreHERE is Larry Ferlazzo’s recent New York Times article where he explains how to incorporate the Mexican wrestling phenomenon of Lucha Libre in a speaking, writing, and reading activity for English Language Learners. A video, slide show, and quiz is included.


10 British Slang Expressions You Will Hear When Visiting London

From the blog The World Is Your Oyster:

If you’re planning on visiting London in the future, you might just want to familiarise yourself with some British Slang expressions that are very commonly used by the British.

They will be very useful particularly if you’re likely to be socialising with Londoners.

These Images Show Just How Differently Cats and Humans See the World

Great images to start off a discussion on diversity and culture.

The World of ELLs

How can teachers use podcasts in the classroom??

Here’s a “Quick List” of ideas!

Use podcasts for…

  • Weather reports
  • Science reports
  • Poetry recitation
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Classroom news
  • Old-time radio soap operas
  • Interviews with parents, teachers, community members
  • Directions to a place in school or in the community

Ideas by Grade Level Clusters

  • K-5: interview community members in small groups, starting with school staff for younger students
  • 6-8: “interview” characters from literature being read, scientists being studied, and famous people in history
  • 9-12: students design an investigative project in which they pose a problem or questions and then interview a series of people in the community about the topic

(From: Empower English Language Learners With Tools Form the Web, by Lori Langer de Ramirez)

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Dice Games for Communication

This is a list of dice games, communication games, games for language classes using dice and most make for great group games and one-on-one games in foreign language lessons and lesson plans.

Use these free dice makers to create dice with custom text or dice with pictures to match MES-E flashcard sets.  The free dice generators are available from Tools for which is an MES site.

Communicative/Pair Activities for ESL students

“Communicative activities provide students with the opportunity to hear and use language. These types of activities require students to communicate with each other to complete a task or shared goal and use specific target language at the same time.

They come in a range of different formats and require a range of interaction that supports a differentiated approach to the curriculum to develop oral language across talking, listening, reading and writing through purposeful interaction between learners.” Read more…