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Grades 6-8, ELA, ELL

For a fantastic overview of this unit and the ways texts are being integrated for English Language Learners, watch this video HERE.


Grades 6-8, ELA, ELL


An insightful lesson about analyzing texts and building background knowledge for ELLs. Watch video HERE.

Common Core in Action: ELA

“Finding ways to integrate technology and align instruction to the Common Core Learning Standards can be a challenge. Part of making sure that students are college and career ready goes beyond rigorous class work and should include interaction with 21st century technology.” Read more…

Ideas for Implementing Literacy Common Core in the Non-ELA Classroom

“For those of us who work in states where the Common Core is already being implemented, we all must address the Common Core Standards, even if we are not English language arts or math teachers. However, this provides a great opportunity to support the literacy work already occurring in the ELA classroom. The Common Core Standards for Literacy in the History/Social Sciences, Science and Technical Subjects are all standards that non-ELA teachers, from art to science, can target. Consider the following ideas so that you can be not only effective but intentional in teaching and assessing the Common Core Standards.”